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      I struggle with the label “Artist”, as I do with all labels. My practical Yankee nature thinks that Art is a luxury.

I started welding about 5 years ago and all my projects were functional. My profession is home builder and when my clients couldn’t find what they wanted for their new homes I made a door stop and a birdhouse lamp, to suit their needs. They loved my whimsical imagination. Then I moved to sculptural lamps that grew from my inner vision. These were a combination of steel and wood. But to me they were lamps - not “Art”. After that came a leap to purely sculptural objects made out of found functional components - like gears, sprockets, pulleys, rotors and saw blades. Lately I’ve been inspired to create images from my youth growing up on a horse ranch in New Hampshire. Working with chunks of wood left over from building projects I sculpt horses running, playing, and colts struggling with their first steps.

One of my greatest pleasures is expressing my playful nature, sort of sideways, in my art. A simple stool has a spring base that makes sitting on it an adventure. It comes with a diabolically matching side table. One of my horse pieces is a foal that barely stands up named “Wobbles”

Although I sometimes have a specific piece in mind, my strongest source of inspiration may be from a piece I spot in the scrap pile. My favorite quote is “Let the material inform the design”.


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