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Regina Tanasescu




Regina Tanasescu is the third-generation of jewelry designers in her family. Both Regina's father, Stefano Morelli Tanasescu, and grandmother, Anna Morelli, preceded and inspired her work. Regina began in 1997, at 15 years old, to further her family's tradition of artistic elegance. Her interest in jewelry and metalwork began in her early childhood, and was nurtured by an artistically-minded family. Regina's work can be seen at the prestigious Bazaar del Sabado in Mexico city, alongside the art of both her father and grandmother.

Regina's designs are timeless, and speak for themselves. They draw people from all walks of life: Bishops and artists, directors and models, ambassadors and singers, art lovers and history buffs. The pieces are as unique as the clientele . Her collections offers something for every taste, no matter how eclectic. Her collection includes cufflinks, chokers, earrings, bracelets, adjustable rings, pendants and pins.

All the jewelry is crafted by hand in the family workshop, using gold, silver, tumbaga, natural stones, and techniques that have been passed down and finely honed through three generations of artists.


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