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Kimber Bosse - Fine Artist


Kimber’s love affair with art started at a young age. Encouraged by her family, she explored art in various mediums at home and found it to be something for which she had an aptitude. Beginning with charcoals, pastels, her grandmother’s oils, and lots of paper from her grandfather’s printing company, she discovered that she could fashion compositions from her somewhat vivid mind's eye. She continued to explore art in all its meanings throughout her teens and twenties, often self-teaching (and occasionally inventing) techniques for various mediums. Kimber discovered a passion for sculpture using ceramics, metals, and found objects and chose to pursue it formally. Currently, she is attending Southeastern Oklahoma State University with a major in art studio and an emphasis in sculpture and metals, under the capable tutelage of Jack Ousey ('The Clay Master'). She intends to pursue a Master of Fine Arts in the future and to continue to create art that is thought-provoking and well crafted.
As native of Odessa, Texas, she had an abundance of muses surrounding her. Her family, however, was the biggest influence. Her father is a 2nd generation printer and a talented graphics artist and her mother is a painter (with an interesting, and occasionally hilarious imagination). Her grandmother, Opal Dobbs – also an artist – was a major influence in her life, taking her to museums and art exhibits at every opportunity around the country and sharing her love for art with her granddaughter.
She now lives in Denison with her husband of sixteen years, Dean, and her two children. “I love art community here, they are supportive and honest. All of them have helped me to rediscover, refine, and even recreate, my work.”










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