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dennis ritchey



My discovery of art began during my research of religious cultures in the early 70’s. The different types of art from the past inspired me to try many medium over the years. When I discovered glass, it easily became my passion. I love the way light refracts through glass. In Dallas during 1979, I learned glass fusing and from then on, I was hooked on kiln work.
I am more of a “research and development” type of artist - always willing to push the envelope, trying to make the impossible work. While creating glass sinks, tiles, backsplashes, countertops, I want to try to manipulate glass in its purest form, molten, in whatever shape and size I can, while making it functional.
Linda Lubinsky and I have worked creatively together for the last 12 years. I design our collaborative glass pieces, develop the final image then Linda fabricates the artwork following it through to completion. Linda fires the glass in a kiln with refined firing schedules to produce the perfect result for each elegant glass piece we produce together. She is an incredible talent - I am fortunate to be her friend and business partner.

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