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Daniel Saldana Berthier



  Daniel Saldana Berthier was born in Mexico City. As a young man he pursued a career in drama that led to participation in numerous theatrical productions. In the early 1970s he began creating sculptures with tin, brass, copper and wire. He developed a system of cutting and welding various metals leading to the creation of his "Botanical Sculptures" which have been shown in Mexico, the U.S. and Europe.

Daniel moved to Dallas in the 80's exhibiting his work at the World Trade Center. He continued to experiment and master his unique techniques of adding vibrant color to metallic canvasses.

The contemporary art that Daniel experienced during a trip to Europe in the 90s continues to inspire him to this day.

My artwork helps me express myself and possibly connect with others. I find that I become aware of feelings and impressions within me that were either hidden or had not found a way to be expressed. I see these feelings in a finished piece and it serves as a link towards the next one. It's exciting to realize that form, color, concepts, lines and ideas are infinite and yet to be discovered. When I start with a new canvas I think of the classics, with the first stroke of my brush I put the classics away and do MY thing.  The rest is pure fun!










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