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   Brad Abrams




A Dallas resident for nearly 20 years, Mr. Abrams was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1965. Abrams received his formal education at the California College of the Arts, studying under Marvin Lipofsky. He was further influenced under the tutelage of the late American ceramicist, Viola Frey (1933-2004). Her guidance is seen in Mr. Abrams work to this day. Both mentors, in addition to being raised by an artisan mother and a metallurgist father, appeared to have been major influences on Abrams' thought processes as well as his inventiveness in choosing glass as a material for his artistic expression. Continuing in the ways of abstract expressionism reminiscent of both Lipofsky and Frey, Abrams' latest compositions are a series of sculpture in glass.

Mr. Abrams is inspired by free thought, his addiction to color, and a love for nature's many beautiful creations. The work he creates reflects his fun-loving personality and like its creator, commands a presence in a crowd. The immediacy and flow of decision-making necessary to glasswork comes naturally and makes his work exciting. With the addition of color, glass normally transparent to visible light becomes a wonderful media for creating vibrant images. Place any of the Abrams' pieces near natural light and the art transforms throughout the day. The placement of Abrams' work, whether in an office, a home, a gallery, or a museum collection, and the experience of viewing the art at different times of the day, combine to make these works not only the artist's but the owner's as well.

Currently, Mr. Abrams conducts intensive glass blowing & casting workshops for beginning and advanced students, and offers co-op time in his hot shop for artists to continue learning and practicing their skills






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