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I am an Iroquois Woman raised on Cayuga Lake, spending my formative years exploring the woods and gullies that surrounded me.
In this setting my love of nature began. I became acutely aware of the intricate patterns in nature which eventually became inspiration in every art form I explored.

I think of my jewelry as Contemporary Antiquity, ever striving to create pieces that feel as though they have passed through ages of time. Years ago, while walking around the circular drive of a turn-of-the-century hotel that had been my childhood sanctuary, my foot caught on a bit of metal. Upon inspection I discovered a gold brooch encircled with pearls and tiny diamonds framing a delicately carved cameo. The cameo haunted me as I contemplated who might have worn it. From that time on I have had a fascination with “found objects” in archeological digs. When I became a metal smith I did so with the goal in mind to recreate that feeling of antiquity.

In all cultures adornments are connected to human feelings. As I contemplated what I would like to design, the idea of creating a vessel to hold words intrigued me. As a writer I believe the words we choose define who we are. Inside each Bcayuga vessel you will find a blank scroll waiting to be brought to life with words gifted to the wearer; expressions of love, affirmation, friendship, encouragement, comfort, inspiration, bringing into focus the love of one for another.
As a young woman I studied at Traphagen School of Fashion Design and Illustration in New York City. That training lead to working for a season as a Fashion Illustrator. From there I became a Graphic Artist for the State of New York's Education Department where I learned Calligraphy. In time I pursued acting Professionally which opened a door to become a Storyteller/ Writer. .For several years I was an instructor at the Craft Guild of Dallas where I learned Metal Smithing. I have had the good fortune to exhibit my work through out the United States, Canada, South America, and Ireland. Presently Bcayuga Designs finds its home in the Artisans Collective Gallery where Ted generously allows me to flourish as an artist /designer.








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