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Anita has been a serious amateur for nearly 40 years, and is now building a professional reputation. She has had photographs published on the Joe Van Os Photo Safaris web site and the Nature Photographer web. She enjoys taking short photo trips throughout her home state of Texas and into Oklahoma. She has also traveled and photographed in several other states, Svalbard, India, Kenya and Tanzania.

A student of John Shaw's , she has adopted his philosophy:"To be a better nature photographer, be a better naturalist. This means understanding the subject not just in a dry textbook sense, ... but also knowing your subject through constant contact and observation in the field.

"As you develop your knowledge, I trust you also will develop a wildlife ethic. In my opinion, no photograph is more important than the safety and welfare of the subject. Respect what you photograph. Don't expose a nest to the elements or keep the parents away from their young. Don't dig up plants to move them to another site. Don't destroy what you love."

When not working on her photography, she works for Microsoft and volunteers her web skills for Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center






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