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Dallas, Texas 75208


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Wednesday & Thursday 11:00am - 7:00pm
Friday & Saturday 11:00am- 10:00pm
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ďAll of my work is hand built. I use a wide variety of handbuilding techniques. I work in the specific way best suited to the piece that I am working on. Often the piece is fabricated from slabs. Black underglaze is applied to the unfired surface of the clay and drawings are carved into the slip. Additional color is applied. The piece is then waxed and lines are carved through the wax resist and inlayed with black slip. Following bisque firing the work is waxed again to separate areas that remain matt and those that will are glazed. The work is then glazed and fired to cone 8 in oxidation. Ceramic decals are applied to the glazed surfaces and the piece is fired again to cone 017. I am fascinated with the use of decals as collage elements. I relish the hunt for vintage decals and find the juxtaposition of images associated with grandmother's china on high fired, hand built stoneware very interesting.

As an artist I am very process oriented. I enjoy problem solving and find clay to be a wonderfully challenging medium due to the element of compromise it presents. With clay as with most aspects of life there are numerous possible solutions to every problem. The challenge is finding an elegant solution.





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