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Matt Esparza is a multi talented Painter, Print, Graphic, and Video Designer that continually draws inspiration from the world around him. Seeing the beauty in all things, Matthew is originally from the small town of Red Oak just south of Dallas, Texas. He relocated to Los Angeles in early 2011 after graduating from Oral Roberts University, in Tulsa, OK with a BS in Art, Graphic Design Video.
Originally attending college as a Division 1 soccer player, at the time George Matthew's only dream was to pursue a career as a professional soccer player. But, a professor soon discovered his gifting as an artist and encouraged him to pursue art and design as an alternative.

His preferred painting medium is acrylic on handmade wooden box frames; oils, stains, polymers, epoxy, spray paints and sheet metal are also used regularly in his work.
Influences include artists such as Shepard Fairey, Jackson Pollock, Georges Mathieu, Franz Kline, De Kooning, Robert Rauschenburg, Robert Motherwell, Jean Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Banksy and graphic designer David Carson. Matt attributes a majority of his influence to his Texas roots, as well as from his many travels both domestic and abroad. Matt has spent time in Brazil, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Paraguay, and South Africa, as well as apprenticing under artists in Nashville and Los Angeles. "My faith in God has brought me where I am today, I am grateful for everything I have been blessed with. I feel close to God and at peace when I am creating; it is my act of worship," says Esparza.



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